Angels in assembly: Walsh and Stewart play harp

Video Credit: "Viejo Zortzico" as played by Emily Klein


Photo Credit: Marie Maxwell

Senior Kili Walsh and Junior Emily Stewart with their harps.

Anna LeBleu, A&E Editor
February 4, 2013
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On Feb. 1, the Upper School students filling the Francis Bond Davis Theater grew quiet as Senior Kili Walsh and Junior Emily Stewart took the stage.   The pair had completed an independent study in harp music during Winterim, which culminated in a short Afternoon Meeting performance. Their work will officially end with a larger recital at First Baptist Church of Nashville on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 3 p.m.

During Winterim this January, the duo spent time practicing their project pieces, sight-reading music, researching the composers of their pieces and composing original music for Harpeth Hall’s production of “Steel Magnolias.” At the performance, Walsh began with “Presto” by Bach and Stewart followed with “Viejo Zortzico” by Jesus Guridi.

Students in the audience sat in awe as the girls’ nimble fingers flew across the multitude of harp strings. Stewart said that she was “fairly pleased” with the performance at assembly, especially since this was her first time playing her project pieces in public. She felt that her overall presentation was satisfactory but that the duet could have been stronger with more dynamic variation.

Freshman Alex Scott said of the brief show, “They were beast, and I don’t know why the harp isn’t played by more people if it sounds that good.”  The girls finished with a duet titled “Tango” by Carlos Salzedo, and Junior Molly Crofford left the theater impressed that the two “were so good at such a challenging instrument.”

All are welcome to attend the recital on Feb. 10 to see all of Walsh and Stewart’s hard work in action.


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