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Behind the camera: The secret life of Delaney Royer

Delaney Royer, Photography Editor

BEAUTY IN BLACK AND WHITE: Royer’s self-portrait captures her personality and illustrates her love of black and white photography.

Lindsey Lanquist, Arts Editor

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How long have you been interested in photography?

As a wee tot in seventh grade, I did a SEEK project on photography where I tried to replicate different famous photographers’ styles. At about that time, I was mainly taking pictures of plants and animals. As time went on, I moved onto people and eventually more complex themes.

How did you first become interested in photography?

I honestly don’t remember. Since my parents are both artists, I have grown up with their influence. I guess I wanted to find my own art that differed from my parents, and it ended up being photography when I got my first camera in sixth grade.

Where do you see your love of photography taking you in the future?

My ideal plan would be majoring in Photography and Imaging when I get to college. My favorite part of photography is directing the photo shoots. I would love to take that to the next level and eventually get to the point of directing films, maybe even feature length.

Have you ever had any interesting experiences as a result of your photography?

Well, most of my photo shoots are “interesting experiences” in and of themselves. One time, way back when, I held a photo shoot in an unfamiliar creek. The unnamed girl and I were shooting some water photography, something I’d never done before.

Everything was positioned perfectly, and I was just about to take a picture when, suddenly, she screamed bloody murder. Apparently, a crawdad pinched her in a less than pleasant area, but I had NO idea what was going on. After she finally told me what happened, I looked down to find an army of crawdads at my feet. Neither one of us had shoes, and we tried to escape the creek in a frenzy. It was absolutely terrifying.

Since you’ve established yourself as a sort of famous photographer around campus, have you ever received any fan mail?

Yeah, one time this bizarre person named Lindsey wrote me a weird note in my Tumblr ask box. She told me about how she sort of knew me from school and thought my photography was amazing. And look! Here she is now interviewing me!

But in all seriousness, students from this year’s Art III class have asked me if they could use my photography for their class, which I consider to be a huge compliment (almost like fan mail, I guess).

If you could shoot alongside any photographer, who would you choose?

Well, my favorite photographer is Man Ray, but two things would prevent me from shooting alongside him: 1. I wouldn’t want to do it out of the pure embarrassment of my own photography skill compared to his. 2. He’s dead.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring photographers?

Practice, practice, pratice. Know your camera, know your subject and try to put meaning into every photograph you take.

Check out more of Delaney Royer’s photography at her website


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Behind the camera: The secret life of Delaney Royer