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Behind the scenes of a theatrical production: A typical tech week

Peyton Hoge

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Sophomore Arianna Frederick exetues her ballet choreography with grace. She has been a member of the Dance Company since her eighth grade year.

Tech week, aka the week that makes or breaks dancers, consists of the several days that lead into the dance concert performances. Dancers’ lives disappear as time becomes limited and school work becomes difficult to complete.

The late nights and long rehearsals make for a tired, stressful existence. Each day, starting the Wednesday before the week of the performances, consists of multiple run-throughs of the show.

Every day, more features are added to complete the show: costumes, makeup, lights, sound, the works. Eventually, the show runs with all components once or twice.

By the Wednesday before opening night, dancers are tired and worn down, but on opening night, the adrenaline kicks in, and the shows are performed with energy and grace.

Overall, tech weeks for the Dance Company can be very busy and stressful, but they create a magnificent show that we hope all students and faculty attend.

Arianna Frederick and Morgan Dentz

Senior Maggie Griswold struts her stuff as Dogberry in "Much Ado about Nothing." Griswold has been involved in theatrical productions since her freshman year.

From an Actress’ Point of View

Tech week consists of running a show with lights, sound and all the other technical aspects. It’s a way that the actors and techies can work together in order to make sure the show will look good in performances.

Up until tech week, the actors and techies work separately. They all come together for tech rehearsals, which is, not surprisingly, when the show starts to look like a real performance.

Tech week is also great bonding time. We stay at school until around 9 p.m., so we’re with the cast and crew for hours at a time.

When we’re not onstage or working on something else, we talk and make jokes with the cast (or go over our lines if we happen to be overachievers). We all eat dinner together during tech weeks, too. It’s catered and is usually pretty scrumptious.

Basically, tech week is the time we all love and hate; it’s full of sleepiness and complaining but also full of excitement and togetherness.

Maggie Griswold

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Behind the scenes of a theatrical production: A typical tech week