Caught in Charlotte’s Web: Lack of Parking

Charlotte Hughes, Columnist

Ninety-six sophomores. Sixteen parking spaces. Every year, the sophomores are given the leftover spots, and the recipients are picked in a drawing. This lottery system is considered to be the fairest way to dole out the spots, but I disagree.

With only 16 spots left over, they should go to the girls who desperately need them: girls who live half an hour away and take their younger siblings to school, girls with hardship licenses, or girls who have after school activities and need to drive themselves.

Unfortunately for these girls, they have the same chance of receiving a spot as the girls who live on Esteswood and can walk to school. I live on Estes. I walk home. I can see Harpeth Hall from my bedroom window, and yet, I have the same chance of receiving a parking space as my friend who lives fifteen minutes away and has two younger sisters at Harpeth Hall.

During the first parking space drawing, not many sophomores had their licenses yet, so not many girls were disappointed.

However, by the time next semester’s drawing comes around, almost every girl will have an opportunity to drive to school. Harpeth Hall needs a system based on need, not luck.

I think the administration should decide which girls truly need a parking space, and then put them into a lottery first.

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