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Kynlie Freeman to release new album

Kynlie Freeman

Martha Schull, Co-Entertainment Editor

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While most of us spent our summers sunning ourselves on the beach (equipped with SPF 45+ of course) or idling away the hours glued to some kind of screen, our very own junior Kynlie Freeman was producing her debut album, which will hit the iTunes shelves in late September. Freeman has been taking piano lessons since she was in 1st grade and learned to play the guitar at the ripe old age of 12. She also picked up the ukulele the summer after her freshman year. She had always been a writer as a kid, making up short stories and songs here and there. However, Freeman decided to pursue a career in music when she took Mr. Myrick and Mr. Croker’s Songwriting  for Guitar Winterim class.

“I had already been writing before that class—I wrote ‘In Your Arms’ before that—but it really encouraged me to write more often and make it a bigger part of my life,”  she said.

And has she managed to incorporate music into her life!  She works with producer Bill McDermitt at his studio on Music Row a few times a week.

On May 1, she released an EP of four songs. At this point in our interview I grew slightly confused and sort of nodded along, trying to look cool like I knew what an EP was. Freeman very graciously informed me that an EP is an “extended play,” simply a set of four to six songs released before a full-length album to give fans a preview.

The EP was very successful on iTunes and currently has 41 reviews and a five star rating. In the months following, Freeman spent most of her time in the studio or playing around Nashville. She went to open mic nights at local music hubs, including the famous Bluebird Café. She played birthday parties and traveled to a music festival in Oakridge, Tenn. just outside of Knoxville. Freeman also opened for former Belmont student and musician Chris Carpenter at Nashville coffee shops and restaurants.

This summer alone Freeman wrote over half of her new, full-length album, coming out this fall. It features five new original songs and her single “Guess” which came out in July. The album will also include the four songs from the May EP. She was a performer by night, songwriter by day.

“The EP songs have been redone and are more produced than before, so fans should definitely buy the whole album because it will be different from things I’ve released,” Freeman said.

The theme of the new album is learning from whatever situations life throws at you. All of the songs are written and sung by Freeman herself, something she thinks is very important in today’s music business.

She elaborated, “I try to write as much as I can because it’s really a commodity in the music industry if you can play, sing and write. These days people are taking songwriters and pairing them with the performance artist. This way neither one gets full rights to the work, but if you write your own songs, you can take full ownership.”

When asked if she wanted to continue her musical career in the future, Freeman enthusiastically agreed. She tries to keep up with her writing alongside her schoolwork as much as possible and feels music is her true passion.

To learn more about Freeman’s music and listen to her songs, check out her YouTube channel, “like” her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter or visit

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The news site of Harpeth Hall
Kynlie Freeman to release new album