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‘Pajama Game’ review

Carson Hewett and Jocelyn Sitton, Staff Writers

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The MBA and Harpeth Hall communities gathered together for the “Once a Year Day” production of the fall musical, “The Pajama Game.”

Starting the year with a bang, the musical ran from Wednesday, Aug. 31 to Saturday, Sept. 3.

The cast was phenomenal with senior Claire Crawford as the lead, Babe. The play revolves around Babe, the head of the grievance committee at a pajama factory, and Sid, the new superintendent brought in from another state to keep the pajama factory in line. The pajama factory workers insist on a seven and a half cent raise, which they are blatantly refused.

Meanwhile, a romance develops between Babe and Sid that is abruptly disturbed when Babe is fired from the factory for supposedly ruining an order of pajamas.  However, all ends well, and the factory workers get their seven and a half cents.

The musical was lively and fast-paced, leaving the audience members enthusiastic and engaged.

We fell in love with Babe and Sid’s relationship and sympathized with the factory workers.

The songs were catchy, and we were singing along in no time! The plot was, at times, hard to follow, which lead to confusion on our parts. Nevertheless, we found ourselves invested in the characters and were excited and satisfied by the musical’s ending.

One drawback of “The Pajama Game” was its length. As it was over two hours long, there were times when we were restless and wondering when the plot would draw to a close. For a show running through the school week, it seemed a little verbose. Regardless, the musical was fun and enticing for viewers of all ages, and the accompanying music has been heard in the hallways for weeks after the closing date.

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‘Pajama Game’ review