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2016-2017 Staff

Holly Macdonald

Social-Media Editor

Junior, Holly Macdonald is a Social Media Editor for Logos Now this year. Holly has always known her calling in lif...

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Emily Jenkins

Sports Editor

Emily Jenkins, a senior and a first-year sports editor, is so excited to be a part of Logos this year! When not at schoo...

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Vivan Herzog

Multimedia Editor

Vivian Herzog, a senior, is a publications connoisseur to say the least. She is simply delighted to join...

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Emma Ryan

Staff Writer

Emma Ryan, a junior, is so excited to begin her first year with the LogosNow team as a staff writer, and ...

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Millie Kirkland

News Editor

Millie Kirkland, a sophomore, is one of the news editors for LogosNow. An avid enthusiast of all thing...

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Olivia Krueger

Photography Editor

Senior Olivia Krueger is so excited to be joining the Logos staff this year as the A&E Photogra...

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Claire Smith

Staff Writer

Claire Smith, a senior, is thrilled to join LogosNow as a staff writer! Claire has loved to read since...

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Stella Vujic

News Editor

Junior Stella Vujic is so excited to put her passion for current events to work as an editor for the Logos N...

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Helen Rieke

Social-Media Editor

Helen Rieke, a junior, is a social-media editor for LogosNow this year. Helen's passion for journalism ...

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Karin Scott

Lead Staff Writer

Senior Karin Scott is beyond excited for her term as Lead Staff Writer for LogosNow! In 4th grade,...

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Sophie McKenzie

Opinions Editor

Sophie McKenzie, a sophomore, is thrilled to be fulfilling her desire to be forced to say her opinion...

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Emma Wise

General Manager

Emma Wise, a senior and General Manager for LogosNow, is excited for the new school year filled with...

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Taylor Farrington

Video Editor

Taylor Farrington, a senior, is delighted to begin her second year as LogosNow Video Editor. When she...

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Franny Ford

Video Editor

Franny Ford, a senior, is ecstatic to be joining the Logos team for a second year as the co LogosNow...

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Shaye Hendricks

A&E Editor

Shaye Hendricks, a senior, is enthralled to be an A&E editor this year. Aside from editing Logos...

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Ava Boney

A&E Editor

Senior Ava Boney is excited to return to Logos as an editor for A&E. Ava has loved writing for a...

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Dhara Patel

News Editor

Dhara Patel, a junior, is very eager to write, create, and edit articles as a news editor. As a former s...

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Eleonor Wright


Eleonor Wright, junior, is ecstatic to be a part of the logos team! A former staff writer, Eleonor is...

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Margaret Gaw

News Editor

Junior Margaret Gaw loves being a Logos news editor. She first discovered her love of newspapers when...

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Bushra Rahman

Opinions Editor

Bushra Rahman, a junior, is beyond delighted to be a Logos Opinions Editor this school year. Apart from be...

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Kelsey Kay Herring

Sports Editor

Senior Kelsey Kay Herring, sports editor, is excited for this new year of Logos! As this is her second...

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Lizzy Asad

A&E Editor

Junior Lizzy Asad is delighted to be a 2016-2017 A&E editor! Besides cultivating her love for international...

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Claire Gould


Senior Claire Gould is returning for her third year of Logos and second as an EIC. She enjoys Thai...

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