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New kids on the block: Upper school welcomes new faculty

Allie Polk, Features Editor

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Remember those class superlatives that used to show up in the yearbook? Logos has created some to display the personalities of the new Upper School faculty.


Meg Griswold
English Teacher
Dream career as a child: a paleontologist
Pets: a dog name Django
Children: a baby on the way (due December 27th)!
Favorite Music: The Avett Brothers
Passions: playing the mandolin alongside her piano-playing husband, Mr. Griswold
Quirky fact: she lived in Caracas, Venezuela from 7th to 12th grade
Chose Harpeth Hall because: “I had taught in an  all-girls school before and loved it. Harpeth Hall’s classes are small, the campus is gorgeous, and the English department here is phenomenal. It’s a really good fit for me as a person.”


Jerard White
History and Latin Teacher
Pets: a “jet black” cat named Marcus Antonius
Children: Liz (26), Erin (24) and Hailey (12)
Favorite Book: “Harry Potter and the Deathly     Hallows”
Inspired by: Dr. Luther, his 11th grade history teacher
Passions: traveling, gardening, golfing and sailing
Quirky fact: he worked as an archaeologist in Athens
Loves teaching because: “I enjoy when kids get it, when they sparkle, when they’ve figured something out.”


Dr. Jeffrey Canter
Physics Teacher
Dream career as a child: a teacher like his parents and sister
Favorite Author: Michel de Montaigne
Favorite Music: Jazz, Motown, the Decemberists
Favorite Food: pizza or his mother’s Chicken Paprikash
Passion: teaching
Special talent: cooking at night to sneak the cakes, cookies and pies his wife forbids
Quirky fact: both of his parents have 14 siblings
Words of wisdom: “Your creativity is what you bring to the table, and you never want to stifle that.”


Kimberly Rogers
Dream career as a child: a veterinarian
Favorite Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Favorite Music: Joni Mitchell
Favorite Food: sushi
Passions: yoga, playing with her poodles, hiking with her husband, exploring the outdoors
Special talent: baking “mean” chocolate chip cookies
Quirky Fact: she worked at a therapeutic, all-boys boarding school
Words of wisdom: “I think, especially in high school, you’re just finding yourself and discovering who you are. It’s trial and error; it’s trying different things and making mistakes.”


Jennifer Perry
Biology and Anatomy Teacher
Dream career as a child: a dentist
Favorite Author: Pat Conroy
Favorite Music: New Kids on the Block, Taylor Swift
Favorite Food: homemade buttercream icing cupcakes
Passion: watching her son William become a thoughtful, observant child
Special talent: placed 2nd in the Williamson Country Fair for strawberry preserves
Quirky fact: she has an extra rib below her clavicle
Words of wisdom: “It is so much easier to be nice than it is to have a bad attitude and be rude. Be nice, kind and compassionate to other people, especially strangers.”

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The news site of Harpeth Hall
New kids on the block: Upper school welcomes new faculty