Spindel at TedxNashville

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Spindel at TedxNashville

Gregg Gelmis 281-615-2163

Gregg Gelmis 281-615-2163

Gregg Gelmis 281-615-2163

Emma Mathews, Staff Writer

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Some of you may know Spindel as the talented keytarist or the tech genius that works behind the curtain, but there is even more to her that makes her oh-so extraordinary. It is my honor to write about LogosNow’s infamous co-general manager, Spindel.

Throughout her life, Spindel has been exposed to the world of computer science, coding more specifically, through her father and even classes at school. She has also discovered a love for writing and found a knack for spoken word poetry. When Southern Word came to Harpeth Hall to conduct poetry workshops, Spindel combined her passions of coding and poetry. She has written multiple poems in code, but there is a particular one that has received significant recognition.

Benjamin Smith, Executive Director and Writing Mentor at Southern Word, has kept in close contact with Spindel over the past few years and invited her to perform at TEDx here in Nashville on March 17th. This particular poem takes a piece of code that is interpreting accelerometer data and discusses “how we know where we are, how we perceive where we are, and know where we are going” according to Spindel.

It is clear that Harpeth Hall is truly blessed to have such a gifted and unique student among us. We love you Spindel, and keep doing you.


Spindel was even happy to share her poem with us so that everyone could read it:


// constants

const int xPin = 2; // input for x axis

const int yPin = 3; // input for y axis

const int time = 5; // timestep

// begins serial communications

void setup () {

serial.begin(9600); }

// connect pins to inputs and ensures data doesn’t get mixed up

PinMode (xPin, INPUT);

pinMode (yPin, INPUT); }

// main

void loop () {

// stores input

int xValues[101];

int yValues[101];

int counter; // im trying to remember

int posX; //where i am.

int posY; // why im here.

int velX; //more importantly, where am i going.

int velY; //where have i been.

int t; //i know nothing and yet i feel like im running out of time.

int pulseX, pulseY; //and things are moving and i cant control them

// variables to read pulse widths

int accelerationX, accelerationY;

// variables to store resulting accelerations

pulseX = pulsein(xpulse, high);

pulseY = pulsein(ypin, high);

/* the calculations below convert pulse width into acceleration (gs), find the product of the counter times 100, calculates the x and y axis using the principles of physics highlighted in the attached document and adds the position of x and y to x and y values arrays arrays in that order.*/

accelerationX = pulseX/10 – 500 * 8; // cold numbers

accelerationY = pulseY/10 – 500 * 8; // yet people are colder

t = counter * 100; // we need more time to solve our problems

velX = velx + accelerationX * t; // but we’re moving so fast that we cant stop

posX = posX + velX * t; // and we can’t remember where we’ve been

velY = velY + accelerationY * t; // and we can’t figure out where we’re going

posY = posY + velY * t; // isolating ourselves but

xValues[counter] = posX; // problems aren’t solved with numbers

yValues[counter] = posY; // they’re solved with people

// and all the while

// we are running out of time

while (counter == 100) {





/* Hardware instructions: Connect red wire from board to hardware through pin 3. Connect blue wire from board to hardware through pin 4. Connect black to ground on both. Connect board to serial. Open document. Left click run. Record output. Get up. Breathe. I’ve forgotten how to breathe, haven’t I? */

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